A buyer who bought an illegal stun gun from Wish’s website has ended up in court

George Patrick ordered the weapon, disguised as a torch, from the international buy site, but it was intercepted by Border Force agents before it could be delivered to him in October 2020.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the purchase led police to search his home, where a similar device was found under his pillow.

A taser, complete with three cartridges and a charging lead, was seized from a briefcase in his living room.

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Newcastle Crown Court.

They had also been purchased from online shopping sites.

Patrick, 66, of Calf Close Drive, Jarrow, admitted two charges of possession of a prohibited weapon and one of purchase of a prohibited weapon

Prosecutor Emma Dowling told the court: “He said he had an interest in crime type articles, was fascinated by the police.

“He said he didn’t appreciate Wish’s article being brought into the country, he thought it was a local website.”

Patrick told officers he knew they didn’t know the items were illegal and said the stun gun under his pillow was there “for defence”.

Tony Cornberg, defending, said Patrick, who has health issues, has a cleaning business and the items “looked legit” on the websites.

Mr Cornberg added: ‘He is not a man who has always had the internet in his life.

The court heard Patrick hand over references to his usually positive character.

Judge Christopher Prince told Patrick: “Your offense had no impact on anyone, but it’s the risk of impact in a case like this that the court has to consider.”

The judge said it was still unclear why Patrick wanted the items, but told him, “You know you must not order such items in the future.”

Patrick was sentenced to an 18-month community order with program and rehabilitation requirements.

Edwin S. Wolfe