Anonymous thanks Pelosi for his trip to Taiwan on a hacked Chinese site | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On Monday, Aug. 8, the decentralized international hacktivist group Anonymous hacked into the website of a Chinese gasoline-powered generator factory to thank U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her visit to Taiwan. .

That day, Anonymous hacked into the website of the Wenling City Harvest gasoline plant in China’s Zhejiang Province, according to Anonymous’ representative “Allez-opi_omi”. The collective uploaded an html page that included the words “Taiwan Numbah Wan,” the national flag and emblem of Taiwan, and a message thanking United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her trip to Taiwan, among other items.

At the time of publication, the degradation as well as the website have been taken offline. However, Anonymous has an archived version on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

The first image that appears is the Anonymous logo, followed by “Taiwan Numbah Wan!” same. This was a reference to a quote uttered by video game streamer AngryPug in 2015 to upset Chinese streamer Em0 during a match in the game H1Z1.

Below the slogan was the national flag of Taiwan followed by its national emblem. The collective then included the words “Thank you to United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for your visit to Taiwan!”

Next, the group included the music video for “Fragile”, a Mandopop song sung by Malaysian rapper Namewee (黄明志) and Taiwan-based Australian singer Kimberley Chen (陳芳語). This is followed by a video that plays Taiwan’s national anthem.

Images showing Taipei 101 displaying a series of signs welcoming Nancy Pelosi then appeared. The English messages read: “Speaker Pelosi”, “Welcome to TW”, “Thank you” and “TW hearts US”.

Anonymous pointed out that the hack was done in retaliation for Chinese Communist Party (CCP) attacks on monitors in Taiwan. Chinese hackers are suspected of defacing digital signs at a Taiwan Railways Administration station and 7-Eleven stores that mocked Pelosi during his visit to Taipei on August 3.

Regarding the “one China” policy, the hacktivists wrote “It’s true, there is one China, but Taiwan is the real China”. They argued that the Beijing diet is “just a copycat straight out of”.

The collective then thanked China for “proving that ‘girl power'” is something to be feared. As she stood next to President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文), Pelosi observed that five male senators had visited Taiwan in April and said, “There hadn’t been too many stories,” and later added “they didn’t say anything when the men came,” prompting Tsai to sneer.

Edwin S. Wolfe