B&M made a HUGE change to their website and shoppers are going to love it

B&M has made a huge change to its website that eagle-eyed shoppers may have already registered.

If not, they’ll love what it means for great bargains this summer.


B&M has made a huge change that could alter the way you get your bargainsCredit: Getty

The budget retailer introduced home delivery for the first time.

Previously, shoppers could ONLY get the store’s barrage of bargains by visiting a B&M branch in person.

Bosses at the discount chain said B&M’s website “was not historically transactional”, in a company update last month.

Instead, the site has always been a traffic driver to excite shoppers about products and into stores to grab all the latest deals.

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That’s all changed now, as virtual value hunters can add products to a new online shopping cart, then proceed to checkout and have their items delivered right to their doorstep.

It is believed that around 1,000 products are available to buy in this way, while still being readily available on store shelves.

But with tons more on offer from the discount retailer, that means EVERYTHING of B&M’s full catalog can’t be ordered online.

Larger or more expensive items that customers typically find it difficult to transport home from branches make up the bulk of what you can order.

So that budget hot tub you’ve been eyeing, or that hanging egg chair you’ve been telling all your friends and family about, could be yours sooner than you thought.

However, not everything for delivery is huge and expensive – when we checked, you can order things like fairy lights for the garden, or a new picnic blanket, straight to your door too from just £8.

To find out exactly what you CAN receive, simply “search for the van” next to any products advertised online.

You’ll be able to click ‘add to cart’ on the products you’re looking for – with anything sold exclusively in-store labeled to explain that too.

The only thing you’ll need to bear in mind is that delivery items will incur additional costs – it’s not free for B&M to do all the work for you after all.

Shipping costs an additional £3.95 on top of the bill you’ve accrued, and you’ll receive your pieces three to five working days later.

Currently, deliveries come from five distribution centers that B&M already has in operation.

The retailer is only testing the new format at the moment, so that doesn’t mean delivery is here to stay.

But with B&M’s already low prices, it could encourage more shoppers to splurge with the convenience of ordering online and from the comfort of their homes.

Before you do, it’s a good idea to have a store somewhere else.

You may find that other retailers have better deals to grab.

Especially now that B&M is well and truly online, using something like the Google Shopping tool can help you compare prices and delivery costs to find the best value.

It’s free to pick up items from the store like before, so you don’t have to rush to try out the new format.

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And if you’re not quite ready to go online, we’ll reveal how to get the best deals the retailer has to offer.

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