Bradford Hepatology Team Creates Hepatitis Website

The Hepatology team at Bradford University Hospitals has launched a new website to raise awareness about hepatitis C.

The ‘Eliminate HepC’ website is unique to Bradford and provides a one-stop-shop for information and advice on hepatitis C, to mark World Hepatitis Day (today).

Hepatitis C is a virus that can affect the liver. If left untreated, it can sometimes cause serious and life-threatening liver damage for many years, but it can be cured in most people.

People can become infected if they come into contact with the blood of an infected person.

This means that drug addicts are particularly at risk. It can also affect people born abroad – as the virus is common in some areas, including South Asia, people who got tattoos overseas or received blood transfusions before 1991.

Many people get the infection without realizing it because hepatitis C has no noticeable symptoms until the liver has been significantly damaged.

Rizwana Kausser, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Viral Hepatitis, said: “Hepatitis C can affect anyone, so this website is for anyone who is concerned that they or someone they they know are carriers of the virus. The new treatments we offer come in the form of simple and extremely effective tablets.”

Edwin S. Wolfe