Clariti is featured in Website Planet

Hackensack, NJ, July 28, 2022 — ( — CCE Technologies, Inc., a Hackensack, New Jersey-based technology startup, has been featured extensively in Website Planet, a leading online publication that features exciting new technologies, to discuss its flagship business productivity software, Clariti.

In an extensive interview with Clariti VP of Sales and Marketing Vinay Wagle, Website Planet’s Miguel Amado discussed how Clariti is changing the face of team communications, especially in an environment where people deal with multiple channels. of communication, files and information that can become overwhelming. Vinay explained how Clariti brings order and clarity to the team’s internal and external communications with its unique workspace idea.

“It was exciting to be selected to be featured in Website Planet which has hundreds of thousands of readers. I had the chance to have an honest discussion about how we adapted to and came out of the pandemic and on the lessons we learned. I also had the opportunity to explain how we differ from other products in this space because of our unique idea of ​​a workspace that brings together all forms of communication on a single platform and organize everything automatically by topic, aided by machine learning. We hope this interview will provide additional insight into the product and our company and demonstrate how unique Clariti is,” said Vinay Wagle, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CCE Technologies, Inc.

Clariti has helped small and medium-sized businesses move from slow communication via email only to modern, fast communication using calls and chats. Most importantly, everything about a topic is automatically organized into workspaces that act as a working hub for all information (communication and files) related to that topic.

Clariti is securely hosted on Amazon Web Services, providing complete reliability, 100% uptime, and robust security. It uses 256-bit SHA encryption for data and communications.

Clariti is available free of charge to all users. All Clariti users can:

Connect with partners via email (robust, free built-in email client)
Interact internally with messaging and calls (free built-in Clariti messaging with voice calls and screen sharing)
Plan the working day using the calendar (Free built-in Clariti Calendar)
Store work documents securely in the cloud (free built-in Clariti cloud reader)

Users can upgrade to cost-effective paid plans to access premium features, including:

Unlimited team size
Multiple email accounts
Unlimited cloud storage
Unlimited call time
Unlimited communication history
AI-powered data organization
Third-party integrations

Besides Website Planet, Clariti has received rave reviews from industry analysts and has been featured in several top publications, including HostingAdvice, Futurism, Entrepreneur, Computer World, VentureBeat, and PCWorld, among others.

About CCE Technologies:

CCE Technologies, Inc. (CCET) is a technology startup based in Hackensack, NJ with a development partner in Chennai, India. With its first workplace productivity app, Clariti (, CCET aims to increase productivity, restore order and speed up your work.

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