Cody Rated Best Place to Live in Wyoming by Travel Website

Touropia cites Cody’s charm, cost of living, and excellent schools as justification for naming Cody the best place to earn a living in Wyoming.

The travel and tourism website Touropia released its list of “Wyoming’s 12 Best Cities to Live in and Visit” on April 19, 2022. Rather than focusing on the size and landscape of each place, the list examines them depending on many practical factors.

“The state has some of the best scenery in the United States,” the article reads, “but its many charming towns and small towns make Wyoming a great place to live and raise a family. Many towns in our list benefit from an excellent education and the enveloping nature offers all residents an active and outdoor lifestyle.

Wyoming’s “cities” offer great jobs and amenities similar to big cities without the “hustle.” Additionally, the increase in the number of remote workers is making life easier in any community in Wyoming.

Cody’s charm is the icing on the cake, according to Touropia, as the community offers everything a family needs and is looking for in a hometown.

Gateway city to Yellowstone National Park, Cody is a historic town surrounded by natural splendor. Cody was named after the infamous Buffalo Bill, aka William Cody, with a thrilling stampede event now named after him.

Along the central streets, you’ll find Old West-style storefronts and saloons offering a glimpse of the past. But the architecture is only part of Cody’s charm. For residents, they enjoy an excellent school system, a lower average cost of living, with the average price of a single-family home well below the national average.

Yellowstone is an exciting destination, but Buffalo Bill State Park is also right next to town. Experience outdoor adventures or go fishing on the lake.

The City of Cody celebrated its position by sharing the list on the city’s website.

Cody consistently appears on lists of Wyoming’s top locations.

Over the past few years, Cody has been bestowed with several high-profile titles and positions.

Surprisingly, Cody wasn’t the only Park County community to make the list. Powell came in 11th for its affordable housing, low cost of living, and “strong community of artists.”

Edwin S. Wolfe