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COLLINSVILLE, Okla. – The people behind a new multimillion-dollar mall in Collinsville say they want local stores to open there.

The new development should come out of the ground in the coming months.

The 10-acre strip of land at the intersection of Highways 20 and 75 near Collinsville is being developed into a shopping center.

Daniel Hamra is the engineer who develops the Shoppes at Cooper Ranch.

“At the back are self-service storage buildings, then at the front the main facade is shopping streets. We hope to have a main sit-down restaurant as well as other food vendors to help serve the surrounding community.” Hamra said.

It’s going to cost about $10 million and they’re going to start building this summer, but they’re trying to make it a center full of local stores.

They are planning two 15,000 square foot retail buildings – with restaurants and cafes.

Daniel says they want to bring in as many Oklahoma-owned businesses as possible.

“We try to avoid the big franchise chains if we can and get the places that may have a location in Tulsa or Skiatook or Bartlesville or Collinsville,” Hamra said. “The entire development team was born and raised in Oklahoma and it means something to us to have Oklahoma businesses that are important to us, that local guys come in and fill as much space as possible.

With more neighborhoods being built around Collinsville, Collinsville city planner Jessi Stringer says there is now a strong demand for more stores

“We have seen a lot of housing development which is very exciting and exciting that the community is growing towards this area but it is unfortunate that these community members have to commute so much to get basic amenities so now as these amenities will be offered, it’s even more special that they’re locally owned and operated,” Stringer said.

For now, anyone living in the area must travel to Tulsa, Owasso, or Skiatook or rely on Quick Trip, for essentials.

“These people who live nearby told me that they would really like to see local businesses. The town itself has expanded that way between it and Skiatook, so there’s a lot of growth there, so they need stores that sell everything they need,” Stringer said. “I think if it’s locals it would be great, but foreigners, I don’t know, because people know locals and they’ll do business with locals more than anyone else. We hope we can have small businesses here that will actually cater to the community… I mean if we can get fresh groceries here it saves us a trip I mean we are on a lousy island here share and we’re unserved and we want to be served and if we have a choice, we want it to be small businesses.

There are also plans to develop the 11-acre lot directly west of the stores between 55th and 58th Avenue E.

The idea is to set up drive-thru and walk-in services only.

They hope to innovate this summer and would like to see the first stores open around this time next year.

Edwin S. Wolfe