Enduro Bearings makes upgrades easier with new website

There may not be a slowdown in the growth of online retail, which has reached new levels of market dominance during the pandemic.

One of the biggest benefits of this change is the greater customization available. Especially when you’re buying direct from manufacturers, who can offer a wider selection than most traditional bike shops.

But as many of us have now learned, buying tech gear without trying it first or consulting an in-store expert often leads to consumers receiving the wrong product – and starting the search-and-buy process all over again. .

For these reasons, Enduro Bearings has launched a new direct-to-consumer website that gives riders access to their extensive catalog of products. The company says the new site will make it easier for riders to upgrade their bikes with every Enduro bearing – a selection local retailers could never match.

All pictures c. Enduro bearings

The site’s creators were well aware of the pros and cons of buying gear online, so Enduro incorporated “highly intuitive search tools” to help riders choose the right product for their bike and their individual needs. .

In its press release, the Oakland-based company said the new site marks the first time in its more than 25-year history that its full line of cycling products – over 1,200 unique SKUs – will be available to consumers. Americans.

“The new site gives consumers access to even the most obscure parts, from old-fashioned individual bearing balls to innovative new offerings such as patent-pending Maxhit components and XD15 ceramic hybrid bearings, both of which include lifetime warranties,” the press release said.

By providing detailed FAQ and Bearing Basics pages, Enduro hopes to provide enough information to ensure customers get the right product. The pages are designed to help consumers and retailers select the correct hub, suspension, bottom bracket or headset bearings.

maxhit enduro steering bearing exploded view

There is also an “easy to use” filter tool for each product category to allow users to find the best bearings and components for their riding conditions and needs.

“Enduro Bearings has a long history of working with bicycle manufacturers to provide smooth, efficient and durable bearings tailored to very specific needs,” says Rick Sutton, Enduro’s Director of Business Development and Marketing. “I hope that our continued efforts – including this new website – inspire customers to learn more about bearing design and manufacture, and then actively seek out Enduro products at their local retailer when purchasing. a new bike or servicing their current bikes.”


Edwin S. Wolfe