Everything you need to know about Flipkart’s new, revamped shopping app

As you know, Flipkart and Amazon are the giants of e-commerce space in India, where buying mobile apps is key as smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. While Amazon revamps its mobile UI quite often, it’s been a while since Flipkart brought a major overhaul until now!

Yes, Flipkart has introduced brand new UI in its shopping app aiming to make your shopping experience even better and more convenient. According to Flipkart, with millions of newbie internet users exploring e-commerce not only from metros but also Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, it was imperative to create a user experience that meets the diverse needs of users.

New Flipkart shopping app

As part of the design redesign process, Flipkart introduced design changes that will enable seamless navigation between different categories of products and services, and make the experience intuitive for millions of diverse customers.

To help new customers exploring groceries online for the first time and as Flipkart expands grocery availability to 1,800 cities, a separate, more prominent tab is available for groceries on the home page. reception under the new design.

Improved design changes are based on user design principles of consistency, predictability, and ease of use and helped create a people-centric app design.

Commenting on the redesign of the design, Bharath Ram, Vice President, User Activation and Retention at Flipkart, said, “User experience and design is a crucial part of providing a holistic e-commerce experience for existing and new customers on the internet, and we at Flipkart are committed to creating a simple and intuitive experience for them. A multidisciplinary team of designers, researchers, product managers and engineers worked together to create the new design, which provides an updated user experience of our mobile app with a simplified navigation framework and a host of other design to enable easy discovery of categories and smooth navigation on the platform, simplifying the e-commerce journey for customers. The introduction of the Grocery tab on the homepage is one of those design upgrades that will allow customers quick access to a category that is very important in everyone’s life and is in line with the rapid expansion of Flipkart’s grocery presence across the country.

According to Flipkart design experts, a key part of providing an intuitive user experience is creating simple information architecture and common patterns that allow users to discover and navigate logically on a mobile device. This is important, especially for new internet customers, so that they can seamlessly navigate the app to discover and find products with no learning curve.

With the newly redesigned app, users will be able to switch between shopping through the homepage, browsing different categories, viewing notifications and past orders, and finishing their purchases in the cart, all within bottom navigation.

Some of the other design changes include:

  • Consolidation of navigation buttons to help provide space for quick links to frequently viewed categories such as grocery, where people make multiple purchases in a month
  • Grocery tab at top to allow customers to quickly switch between essential and other requirements
  • A simplified “discover” menu under the search bar, containing features such as SuperCoins, Stores, Flipkart Feeds, Offer Zone, etc.
  • The hamburger menu and top have been removed, and the bottom bar has been reorganized with icons for “Home”, “Notifications” and “Cart” in the latest design
  • My orders have been hosted under My Account in the bottom navigation

Easier discovery with the Grocery tab

Grocery is one of the fastest growing segments of e-commerce today, with an increasing number of consumers turning to online grocery shopping for convenience and reliability. Flipkart aims to make grocery shopping faster and easier for its users and the placement of the Grocery tab at the top of the homepage is designed to allow quick access to this service. The new Grocery tab on the homepage will be visible to users within the 10,000 PIN codes in 1,800 cities served by Flipkart Grocery.

Last year, Flipkart introduced several new categories, and there was an opportunity to close the gap in consumer experience by simplifying navigation and improving design for an easy experience. Around six variations of the navigation design were A/B tested with thousands of customers for over two months, and qualitative insights were also gathered through user research, resulting in a unique design. people-oriented application. The new bottom navigation design led to more than 5x higher engagement compared to the previous version.

This development is in line with Flipkart’s ongoing efforts to improve customer experience on the platform while making their journey smooth. A multidisciplinary team of designers, researchers, product managers and engineers worked together to build the new design for several months to develop the new Flipkart design which is currently being implemented in phases starting with the experience of navigation. This will be followed by a redesign of fonts, icons, category pages and vernacular interfaces and will also be available on iOS, mobile web and desktop platforms.

Edwin S. Wolfe