Fans reminded to help fight book poverty – News

Brentford fans still have time to do their part and help donate books to other local families. Brentford FC and our Community Sports Trust have launched a book drive on behalf of the Children’s Book Project with the aim of raising 5,000 pre-loved books to give to families who have few. You can donate at our home game against Southampton tomorrow, Saturday 7th May.

The Children’s Book Project donates thousands of books to schools to enable them to hold book “festivals” where children select and bring home beautiful books they love. The charity wants every child to have access to books they can immerse themselves in and be inspired or excited about. Working with the Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, the club invited supporters and the local community to browse their shelves, sort through any books their children no longer read, then donate them to one of the dedicated drop-off points in the premises. region.

Books can be donated at any time at the Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub, near the 3G pitches or inside the Bees Superstore during store opening hours. You can read the full story here. A competition is underway for everyone who has already donated, see more below.

Edwin S. Wolfe