Flocks of birds invade Texas shopping mall

Hundreds, if not thousands, of black birds swarmed the parking lot of a North Texas shopping mall on Saturday, January 8.

Videos circulated online of the apocalyptic-looking scene at the Stonebriar Center in Frisco, 30 miles north of Dallas.

Kevin Wolf, 61, who was one of many who stopped to take photos and videos around 6 p.m., said it looked like a scene from a horror movie, especially “The Birds “by Alfred Hitchcock.

In the video, flocks of birds were flying around the area and were seen perched on top of cars and along parking lots on the ground. Wolf said they were loud.

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Wolf, a native of North Dakota, was visiting Frisco with his family to attend the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision between the State of North Dakota and the State of Montana earlier in the day. He said witnessing the bird swarm was a memorable part of the trip.

“I couldn’t believe it, I had never seen anything like it before,” he said. “It was pretty weird.”

The bird is common across Texas and is known as the great-tailed blackbird, according to the Houston Audubon. They are black with some blue-purple iridescence and have yellow eyes and long legs and tails.

The birds congregate in large flocks and are common in shopping malls and parking lots of fast food restaurants, “where there is garbage for food and trees or lampposts to roost on,” according to the website.

Swarms of black birds are seen hovering over the parking lot of a shopping mall in Frisco, Texas, Jan.8.

Courtesy of Kevin Wolf

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Edwin S. Wolfe