From Iceland – A terrorist website was hosted in Iceland

Andie Sophia Fontaine

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Wikimedia Commons

Last June, the Reykjavík District Court ruled in favor of the capital’s police that a hosting company in Iceland is obliged to hand over any information it has on a website it previously hosted, reports RÚV. This request came at the behest of law enforcement overseas, and the site itself is said to have belonged to an as-yet-unknown terrorist organization.

The site in question allegedly encouraged people to commit acts of terror in their own country or abroad, or spread propaganda to do the same. The decision to hand over all information on this site, including payment information, emails, site cookies, etc., was recently made public by the Court of Appeals.

At the same time, the names of the hosting company, website and terrorist organization in question were not disclosed.

Pétur Hrafn Hafstein, assistant prosecutor in the attorney general’s office, responded to reporters’ questions about the matter by saying that due to the sensitive nature of the case and ongoing investigations by law enforcement overseas , it is not possible to divulge identifying information. information about the case at this time.

It is important to note that there is a difference between hosting a site and providing an .is domain; the former means that the site’s servers are physically located in Iceland, while the latter simply means that the web address ends in .is and directs the visitor to the website’s server.

There have been two known occasions where extremists have used an .is domain for their websites that ISNIC, the company that registers .is domains, later revoked: Islamic State in 2014 and the website neo-Nazi Daily Stormer, in 2017. ISNIC chose to disconnect .is for the Islamic State of its own volition, without being ordered to do so by the state. The Daily Stormer’s .is was removed because the site owner refused to abide by the terms of service regarding providing proof of identity and location.

Edwin S. Wolfe