Garage Gurus, the technical support service operated by Tenneco Inc’s global aftermarket supplier and OEM partner, DRiV, is bolstering its support for those working at the heart of the automotive aftermarket with the launch of its all-new site Web –
The new online resource is designed for technicians, garages and parts distributors across EMEA, being available in nine languages ​​- English, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, German, Russian, Polish and Czech – and designed to help provide the skills, training and knowledge necessary to efficiently perform quality repairs, maximize customer satisfaction and reduce warranty claims.
The new website acts as a hub for Garage Gurus and its construction follows increased demand for the company’s services. In 2020, and despite the challenges of working during a global pandemic that has caused unprecedented disruption to the automotive industry, its team of experts has trained over 35,000 people and helped resolve 25,000 issues for clients.
Providing access to a wealth of free content including installation guides, tech tips and diagnostic videos, all supported by some of the most well-known automotive component brands, such as Monroe, Ferodo and MOOG, the new site Web complements the four ‘pillars’ of support that Garage Gurus provides to customers:
– On-Call: A dedicated technical support call center that is available to help you with product information, installation issues, and warranty questions by phone or email ([email protected]), with the Garage Gurus team able to respond in English, Spanish, French and German.
– On-The-Go: The Garage Gurus division that provides training at the customer’s premises, offering hands-on training on the latest garage products, tools and repair techniques.
specially converted tech vans.
– On-site: training provided by Garage Gurus master technicians at the company’s premises
dedicated training facilities. Hosted at our premises or at the client’s.
– Online: a 24-hour online learning platform that gives participants access to a range of
webinars and an extensive library of training courses, all completely free and
designed to help clients develop their careers and skills:
Content will be continually updated based on customer feedback and expertise from
Garage Gurus’ team of master technicians, who will use their industry knowledge to identify
emerging trends and technologies that may affect mechanics in their daily roles. For
For example, Garage Gurus On-The-Go may discover during customer visits that the garage
staff need additional training. For example, the topic of servicing electric vehicles is
one they may need help with. This prompted gurus to develop
equipment to better meet the needs of technicians in specific areas. Consequently, and by
by accessing the website, mechanics and garages can keep up to date with the latest
developments in a very practical and easily digestible way.
In particular, the content of the website could help mechanics who are about to undertake work that they
unsure, his short, simple to follow videos help with installation tips and make sure they are
able to perform a first repair efficiently and correctly.
Another scenario where the website could help is if mechanics still want to improve their skills.
are unable to find time during the working day. The link to free e-learning Garage Gurus Online
platform will allow them to learn more about a variety of automotive topics at once
and the place that suits them best.
Speaking about the launch of the new website, Marijn Staal, Senior Manager for Training &
DRiV Technical Services said, “Garage Gurus has grown significantly and we believe
it is essential for new and existing customers to have all the technical support and assistance they need
need to perform their daily tasks in one easy-to-reach place.
“We also want to give installers and tradespeople the tools they need to advance their careers and have
the best training, which helps them, their company and us, knowledge sharing
working particularly to avoid any warranty issues where the defect is actually with the installation
the process rather than the product.
Staal continued, “At the end of the day, it’s good to communicate our extensive services and expert
support in the most professional way possible. The new website will allow us to do this,
improve the Garage Gurus experience for existing customers and attract many more to join
our community.”

Edwin S. Wolfe