Google stops KakaoTalk updates after the app used external links to their website payment option

Google has decided to stop providing updates to one of South Korea’s most popular messaging apps, KakaoTalk. The company decided to stop updates when the app refused to remove its own payment links.

Google stops providing updates for KakaoTalk due to external payment method

According to a local report, the company decided to do so when Kakao “continued to use an external payment link in its Android app.” Using an external payment link is against Google’s new in-app payment policy.

The company’s new policy requires developers who sell digital goods and services to use Google’s internal billing system. Kakao, however, uses its own external link that leads to the company’s website.

The new move was made in accordance with Google’s new policy

According to the Tech Crunch story, this is the first time that Google has decided to block PlayStore users from updating an app after the recent payment policy took effect. The new policy came into effect in June.

Users, however, can still update using the AppStore or OneStore. The big question that remains is whether Google will also stop updates for other apps that decide to provide external payment links or if the company will remove these types of apps altogether.

Developers are required to use Google Play’s billing system under the new policy

Per Google’s new policy on in-app payments, all developers will be required to use Google Play’s billing system. Apps that were still using alternative payment systems will need to remove them for their app to comply with the new payment policy.

It was also noted that starting June 1, any app that decides not to comply with the new policy “will be removed from Google Play.” In 2021, however, the company said it would comply with South Korea’s alternative billing system, which would allow developers to use other third-party payment options.

Google takes a 15-30% commission on purchases made through their payment methods

Another technique developers can use is to provide links to their website within the app. This would allow users to buy directly from them, which could still bypass Google’s billing altogether.

South Korean developers have also increased their paid subscription and service fees on Google Play. This is due to the hefty 15-30% commissions the company is now charging due to its policy changes.

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The KCC will keep an eye on Google to see if it removes apps due to the new policy

In April, however, the Korea Communications Commission said that “banning app developers from using the web-link payment option would violate South Korea’s app payment law.” The App Payments Act requires app store operators to allow third-party payments.

The KCC also noted that it would keep an eye on Google to see if it decided to remove an app because of the new policy.

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