Healthy outline thanks to website update

WEBSITE update helps attract medical staff to regions.

Regional Medical Education supports medical students and physicians who wish to study in rural and regional settings to see how they can live, work and train in rural settings to achieve the career of their dreams.

The RMT website, which maps major specialty pathways and shows training locations in the NSW, VIC, TAS and South East SA regions, has now launched additional factsheets.

RMT said it was a big boost for the visibility of rural training opportunities.

“With 24 medical specialty pathways and accredited internships mapped, the website is increasing its capacity as a one-stop-shop for medical students and interns exploring career and training options in the South East region of the country. ‘Australia,” Associate Professor Janelle Brennan said.

“New additions to the website are updated fact sheets on General Medicine and Rural General Practitioner, Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine and Nephrology newly joining 21 other medical education pathways found across (the locations). “

Professor Brennan is Chair of the RMT Task Force and Director of the North West Victorian Regional Training Hub at Monash University.

RMT said that in the Sunraysia region, there are specialized courses that local graduate medical students and interns can follow locally.

Associate Professor Hieu Pham, deputy director of the North West Victorian Regional Training Hub and consultant psychiatrist at Mildura Base Public Hospital, said she was excited about the growing training opportunities regional medical training presents to students and trainees wishing to work and live in the North West. Victoria region.

“Here at Mildura, students and interns can advance to positions in fields as diverse as emergency medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry and surgery,” she said.

“The fact that medical students and interns all over the world can look up a map and see what we offer here in town is amazing.

“And seeing the cardiology course information now online is a bonus.”

The website can be viewed at

Edwin S. Wolfe