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MITCHELL – When juggling class schedules, sports and activity practices, and changes to the Mitchell School District’s daily routine, communication between district leaders and customers is critical to ensure the smooth running of school days.

Now, with an improved district website and the introduction of a new and improved district mobile app, that communication should be smoother than ever, according to Mitchell School District officials.

“Everyone these days has a cell phone, and they’re on the go and on the go,” said Levi Hohn, chief technology officer for the Mitchell School District. “It was just something we needed. We had planning in place in advance and developed a roadmap of where we wanted to go, what content we wanted to display, and how we wanted to display it.

The new website replaces the old iteration which was at www.themitchellkernels.com. The old website has been removed in favor of the new, more modern site at www.mitchell.k12.sd.us. It features a new streamlined look with better access to information and a live feed of news and announcements while providing access to features that users have come to expect over the years.

In addition to a new mobile app, the Mitchell School District launched its new website earlier this summer.

Screenshot of the Mitchell School District website

The website, which has been running since early summer, improves both the site’s form and function and its ability to deliver information to the public, Hohn said.

“We wanted a better way to express the culture of the school and what’s going on and happening. Both the website and app are very mobile-friendly, and we wanted to make it easy for parents, students, and community members to know what’s going on with the Mitchell School District,” said Hohn said. “Whether it’s staff contact details, upcoming events or activities, lunch and breakfast menus or even lists of school supplies.”

The site includes a news section as well as a live feed that simulates the look of social media. This is where students, parents and staff can keep up to date with announcements approved directly by school officials.

It provides a safe place to receive timely and regularly updated information from the district. This feature allows students who would otherwise not have access to social media to stay up to date on schedule changes or other important announcements.

The new Mitchell School District website and mobile app both feature a live feed of news and announcements from district officials.

Screenshot of the Mitchell School District website

“I’m excited about the live stream,” Hohn said. “It’s versatile. Some people don’t allow their children access to social media, and that’s the best of both worlds. If they’re not on social media, they can still get our information. For me, it’s really nice.

The functionality of the new website is reflected in the mobile app, which is available for Android and Apple devices through Google Play or the Apple Store. Links to both versions of the app are available on the new website.

The new mobile app replaces a previous version that wasn’t as richly developed or flexible, Hohn said.

“We had one before, but it wasn’t as well developed. It lacked some features like the live stream, and the calendar and events section was a bit more difficult, a bit more clunky, whereas this one is a bit more streamlined and modern. It’s easier to work with our staff and students,” Hohn said.

The new Mitchell School District mobile app, designed to better connect district customers to official district information, if available for Android and Apple devices.

Hunter Dunteman/Republic Mitchell

Ease of use is an important factor in effective digital communication, Hohn said. The easier the technology is to use, the more likely people are to use it, and that extends to behind-the-scenes functionality. The days when someone had to be a computer expert to implement features on a website are fading, and the new website will make it easier for teachers and students to get their own content.

“On the backend, a person doesn’t have to be a web designer or an HTML expert. We can do that with permission levels if we want to involve students,” Hohn said. “For example, the high school journalism class. They have great stories and great content, and they can write content and we can approve it, or a teacher can approve it. Most importantly, children can be involved.

The new technology will be really tested when the new school year begins on August 17, but school officials have been running occasional tests to see how well the system is doing what it’s supposed to do. So far, the website and mobile app have lived up to expectations.

Mitchell School District Superintendent Joe Graves said ever-changing technology can be frustrating for users, but these new systems seem to avoid the usual pitfalls.

“I’m one of those people where if I get used to a certain technology like email, every time the company changes it, even slightly, I spend a week getting upset. I always struggle with change,” Graves said. “It was an exception to that. I immediately learned about the new website and the new information.

Graves said he sent test messages through the live stream feature and found it easier to navigate and use. This will facilitate operations by announcing class cancellations for weather or other information that needs to be communicated promptly to students, staff and parents.

The new Mitchell School District mobile app is now available on Google Play for Android and the Apple Store for Apple devices.

Hunter Dunteman/Republic Mitchell

The first step on the road to the 2022-23 school year will be the official back-to-school day on August 3, where students will receive their class schedules, have their photo taken and be assigned a locker if they have one. make the request. Also as the first day of school approaches, a marketing campaign will email and text parents to let them know about the new website and mobile app and how best to use them to stay informed. district news.

Hohn said he’s heard positive feedback from district staff, and he and Graves hope other district customers find the upgrades an improvement over the previous system.

Communication is critical to keeping the school system running smoothly, Graves said, and the website and mobile app should be a great tool to keep everyone on the same page.

“I hope all the different people in our district will communicate more and more about what’s going on because (this new system) makes it easier and allows us to do it in a more professional way. I can’t wait to be there,” Graves said.

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