Highlands Park Shopping Center opens

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa urged the business community to remain ethical and avoid unwarranted price increases in the wake of emerging global inflationary pressures.

He was speaking at the official opening of the Highlands Park shopping center in Harare on Wednesday.

The official opening of the Highlands Park Mall in Harare saw Chairman Emmerson Mnangagwa become the first customer to transact at the business center using his locally denominated ATM card.

The first citizen’s shopping experience, which comes five years after he last visited a mall, was exceptional considering that 80% of locally produced goods now dominate supermarket shelves, indicating increased industrial productivity .

President Mnangagwa has urged the business community to remain ethical in the face of global inflationary pressures which have seen some manufacturers raise prices without reasonable justification.

“My administration continues to engage all stakeholders to promote the ease of doing business in various forums.

“I wish at this point to urge the business community to remain ethical in their conduct in the wake of the emerging global inflationary pressures affecting our economic environment. The unwarranted price increases we have witnessed from some manufacturers and retailers must stop. “, did he declare.

The construction of the mall has seen the creation of 450 jobs while another 400 jobs will be created after the completion of the entire project.

“The work ethic and commitment shown during the construction of the Highland Park Mall is unprecedented, as work did not begin until July 2021. This fits with the Second Republic culture of completing all projects on time.

“I also note with satisfaction that the construction phase created jobs for more than 450 locals, while 60% of the materials used were sourced locally, in line with our local content strategy. Eventually, 400 new jobs will be created in this shopping centre. Highland Park will help decongest public spaces in Harare’s central business district,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said the Second Republic’s infrastructure development program saw the completion of phase two of the Beitbridge border post modernization project, which has improved the efficiency of customs and clearance processes.

“Our efforts will see increased efficiency in customs and clearance processes and improved ease and cost of doing business as we move towards harnessing the benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Area.

“As a result, business entities operating on this site and those nationwide stand to benefit immensely from the projected increase in intra-African trade through reduced loading time and reduced demurrage charges,” did he declare.

The Highlands Park shopping center is part of the first phase of the US$20 million Terrace Africa project, which is expected to list on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange as Tigere Real Estate Investment Trust. – ZBC

Edwin S. Wolfe