Historic South Memphis Mall to Receive $3.5M Facelift – FOX13 News Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The Metro Shopping Plaza on EH Crump Boulevard in South Memphis opened decades ago in 1970.

It was once thriving, but now, five decades later, the square is home to shuttered shops, empty buildings and faded and torn storefronts.

That’s why the location is on the radar of the Shelby County Mayor’s office.

Mayor Lee Harris offered $3.5 million for the historic site as part of his 2023 budget.

Some South Memphis residents shared areas where they would be more than willing to accommodate the upgrade.

“The parking lot, the roads are really bad, the outside and the inside of the building,” said one resident, while another weighed in on how the very generous donation could be used: “The needs of maintenance, maintenance, ground maintenance be done Posts that are broken must be taken care of.

South Memphis residents were both surprised and thrilled to hear about the huge investment to come.

“This grand sum of $3.5 million should definitely bring about a big, big change for the better for everyone,” said longtime Memphis resident Elonda Robertson.

South Memphis resident Arthur Smith owns a business in the Metro Shopping Plaza; it uses the space to operate an on-site event center.

Smith said he remembers the once-thriving spot Mayor Harris called the “Black Center of Excellence” and fully welcomes efforts to revamp commercial spaces, including his own.

“It’s a lot of money and we can make a lot of it,” Smith said.

“Once they bring this development to life, it will attract many new businesses outside of Memphis as well.”

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