InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. (OTC: INND) Announces Launch of E-Commerce Website with Rebranding of iHEAR

InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. INND recently announced that it has launched an e-commerce website for its direct-to-consumer iHEAR hearing products.

The new iHEAR brand is what InnerScope says is its premium brand of high-tech, proprietary, patented hearing products that offer customers the same type of hearing aid technology sold in clinics for a fraction of the cost. iHEAR hearing aids and related products ship directly to customers.

The new website includes:

  • Journey to Better Hearing, a five-step guide to educating consumers about hearing aid expectations and selection to ensure a positive experience while wearing hearing aids.
  • Free online hearing screenings that track hearing ability with pure tones and speech tests using artificial intelligence software for pattern recognition and hearing ability classification.
  • Hearing aid and hearing loss information blog designed to keep clients and their families up to date with the latest information on hearing aids, hearing aid care and maintenance, maintaining good hearing health and general information about hearing loss.
  • Series of short films produced by InnerScope highlighting real stories of people living with hearing loss.

“This is just the start of a very exciting and transformational time for InnerScope,” said company president and CEO Matthew Moore.

The company says its new iHEAR brand identity and website support its mission to deliver the next generation of artificial intelligence hearing aids at a fraction of the cost compared to other hearing aid manufacturers.

A growing market?

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 466 million people worldwide, or approximately 6.2% of the world’s population, suffer from disabling hearing loss. This number is expected to reach around 1.5 billion by 2050, largely because the population is aging.

The global hearing aids market was valued at $9.68 billion last year and is projected to grow from $10.23 billion in 2022 to $17.68 billion by 2029 at a compound annual growth rate ( CAGR) of 8.1%, according to Fortune Business Insights.

InnerScope believes that its recent acquisitions of iHear Medical Inc. and HearingAssist, combined with a partnership with Atlazo Inc., will allow it to better position itself in the direct-to-consumer hearing solutions market by selling advanced hearing products through Walmart Inc. WMT, Inc. AMZN, Best Buy Co. Inc. BBY and Rite Aid Corp. GDR.

“Through our recent acquisitions, we have assembled a team of highly skilled biomedical engineers and hearing aid software developers,” Moore said. “Additionally, we have developed secure partnerships with semiconductor developers, manufacturing solutions, and several large retail and drugstore chains.”

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