Jason Aldean mall mural mocked on Facebook

While Macon has several beautiful murals celebrating iconic figures from the city’s history, one new mural didn’t elicit the reaction the artist wanted.

The new mural is on the side of the South Plaza mall on Pio Nono Avenue and features several Macon musicians, with local country artist Jason Aldean as the biggest face. Aldean’s painting has garnered some interest for its cartoonish features from many people online, including the singer himself.

“I started seeing pictures of it popping up on Facebook,” Aldean said of the mural during a call to a national radio show. “I think my dad sent it to me and he was like, ‘That’s cool. They just kind of messed you up.

Many took it for post on Facebook about the mural, likening Aldean’s likeness to a cartoon drawn at a theme park or fairground. The painting features exaggerated facial features that are widely spaced out.

“I saw a comparison today. They had the painting on the mural and then they had a genre picture, I think it was Beavis of Beavis and Butt-Head right next to it. It was pretty accurate,” Aldean said.

Some said they thought the cartoon style was intentional and worked well, but the majority of reactions weren’t positive. Aldean said he wanted to acknowledge the artist regardless.

“I don’t mean to offend the artist, because like I said, I appreciate the gesture, but I’m like, ‘My God! Is this how people see me? Said Aldean.

The mural also features Macon musicians Otis Redding and Reverend Pearly Brown along with Aldean under a title that read “Macon Greatest”. The images are spread over a gray painted background.

The mall where the mural is located is home to a Roses discount store, Citi Trends, and a Dollar General. It is unknown who commissioned the mural and the artist of the mural has not been identified.

Aldean recently released a double album called “Macon, Georgia”.

Mural by Jason Aldean located on the side of the South Plaza Mall on Pio Nono Avenue in Macon. Jason Vorhees The Telegraph
Mural by Jason Aldean, Rev. Pearly Brown and Otis Redding located off the side of the South Plaza mall on Pio Nono Ave. in Macon. Jason Vorhees The Telegraph

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