LG Developer website shutdown on December 31 Bootloader unlock key will be inaccessible

LG announced the closure of its developer website on December 31. The South Korean company said the information on the website and the ability to issue the bootloader unlock key would not be available after the service was completed. The company announced in April that it would end its mobile division in order to focus on growth areas including electric vehicle components, connected devices and smart homes. LG has also promised that it will provide three iterations of Android operating system updates for its high-end smartphones.

According to an announcement on the website itself, personal information collected to provide services and issue the bootloader unlock key will not be available after December 31. LG said in the notice.

Bootloader unlock keys are required to root / unlock smartphone and install custom ROMs. In this case, the bootloader unlock key provided by LG to root LG phones and install custom ROMs will not be available. This key is essential for people who want to keep their LG phones for longer as the phones will stop receiving updates in the future.

After exiting the mobile business by disconnecting its loss-making mobile division, LG has announced that it will provide three Android operating system updates for its high-end smartphones released in 2019. These phones include LG’s series smartphones. G, LG V-series, LG Velvet and the newer LG Wing. LG’s K-series handsets will receive two operating system updates when they launch in 2020.

Additionally, LG has also announced that it will be rolling out the Android 12 operating system update to some phones despite its exit from the smartphone market. He also said the rollout will depend on Google’s release schedule and the performance of individual models running the new software during testing. The South Korean company did not specify which phones will benefit from the update.

Edwin S. Wolfe