Malayan Insurance launches new full-service website – Manila Bulletin

Malayan Insurance Co. Inc. has launched a new full-service website where customers can explore, purchase and receive their insurance policies in real time.

In addition to the simpler, more direct and intuitive design of the new website, the one-stop-shop experience allows customers to browse real-time product quotes, direct purchase and online complaint filing.

Paolo Y. Abaya, President and CEO of Malayan Insurance, said the website will run smoothly from the moment they land on the homepage to the moment they decide to make a purchase or file a claim.

“We want to make the process easier, safer and more convenient for them. With the launch of our new site, we hope to reach more Filipinos who need good quality, value-added personal non-life insurance,” he added.

Guided by market digitization trends, the site observes best practices in cybersecurity, data and payment security.

These include globally accepted cybersecurity mechanisms, standard cloud hostings, complete data privacy and secure online payment mechanism using card authentication and 3D-Secure features.

Abaya pointed out that Malayan Insurance is working to improve visibility and accessibility in the digital space. This decision also responds to the call of the national government and the market for digitization.

“Digital or not – insurance is a commodity for businesses, organizations and individuals to prepare for unforeseen circumstances,” Abaya added.

Customers can browse and purchase reliable, accessible and affordable insurance products such as Travel Master with COVID-19 Coverage, Travel Lite, Vital Cover, AutoMaster, Home Protect, Home Protect Lite and Pet Care.



Edwin S. Wolfe