Mettlestate’s upgraded website hopes to be South African gamers’ heaven

Esports specialist Mettlestate has launched an updated website packed with features designed to appeal to new and returning visitors. The brand essentially turned its new site into a game, the idea being to make the experience more enjoyable over longer periods of time. The fact that it may cause an increase in session length probably has nothing to do with it. May be.

You work for us now

The biggest change is the introduction of Mettallions – the site’s own virtual currency. Users can spend Mettallions on discounts in the site’s store and on additional daily spinner spins. But first they must be earned. This is done by spinning the daily spinner, referring friends to the site, joining the VIP program and winning daily tournaments.

The affiliate program goes hand in hand with the new motto. If a friend signs up using your referral code, you automatically receive 10 Mettallions. For every 10 friends referred, you unlock another spin on the daily spinner. Users get one free spin per day with prizes such as merchandise, tech, or vouchers. In case you need to power up your new game addition, spending virtual currency enables further spins.

On a mission

The next step is adding missions. These are designed specifically for finalist players. Users complete missions in order to collect badges and, more importantly, trophies. Then there are special limited-time event badges – which can be obtained for completing special events. Think of the gamification of Steam, but without having to buy video games, you’ll never play.

Just like on PlayStation, Mettlestate trophies and badges have no effect on a user’s account. They have an effect on one of your friends who missed the limited time trophy. Bragging rights are always worth having.

Mettlestate users also have access to more customization than before – in an effort to further that aforementioned jealousy factor, obviously. Avatar and Banner options have been increased, providing a greater selection for players to choose from. Statistics to track wins, losses, and tournament performance are also added to profiles. A new activity stream, where users can follow their favorite players, organizations or even friends, has also been added.

And that’s all. For now. It’s like Mettlestate is just warming up. There are bound to be more esports upgrades coming from the South African platform in the near future, so stay tuned.

Edwin S. Wolfe