Missing surgeon found dead near shopping mall, police say she took her own life due to stress

A doctor was found dead near a shopping mall in Kolhapur, India on Sunday morning July 10. Police believe the woman committed suicide after finding a suicide note and a syringe of medicine next to her lifeless body.

The victim was identified as Apurva Pravinchandra Hendre, 30, a surgeon at a private hospital in the city.

Police said the investigation began after the victim’s father, a gynecologist, filed his daughter’s missing report.

Police were looking for the surgeon when they were alerted to an unconscious woman near a shopping mall in Tarbai Park.

Responding officers transported the victim to a local hospital where doctors pronounced him dead, according to reports.

The victim was identified with the help of his parents and the body was sent to a medical examiner’s office for an autopsy. The official cause of death is unclear at this time.

Investigators recovered a suicide note and a medical syringe from the scene, indicating a case of suicide, a police official said.

According to a preliminary investigation, the surgeon was facing extreme stress both in her work and in her personal life.

“The suicide note indicates that she suffered from stress at work as well as personal issues, which prompted her to take the extreme step. We are awaiting the full post-mortem report to find out if the death was caused by an overdose of these drugs,” a police official told The Times of India.

This is an ongoing investigation and no further details have been revealed at the time of this writing.

“We are going to record the statements of her parents after they come out of the shock of their daughter’s death,” the police chief said.

In another incident, a young Indian businessman allegedly committed suicide after suffering a loss while playing the PUBG online game.

Debendra Parida was found dead hanging from a ceiling fan at his home in the village of Bhuasini in the Indian state of Odisha on Monday July 4.

Parida, a businessman reportedly received around Rs 3 lakh (approx $3,783) from selling food grains. But the lure of money drove him to play the game online and eventually lost more than Rs 2 lakh (about $2,522), according to local media.

This led to a heated argument between him and his father who berated him for playing the game.

Unable to bear the loss and deprived of playing the game anymore, Parida hanged himself on Sunday night, according to reports.

Representative image. rebcenter-moscow/Pixabay.

Edwin S. Wolfe