NJ Toddler orders nearly $2,000 worth of furniture from Walmart website – NBC New York

Meet Ayaansh Kumar, 22 months old. He may still be in diapers, but he already spends a lot online.

“It’s really hard to believe he did that, but that’s what happened,” dad Pramod Kumar said.

The savvy toddler from New Jersey managed to order nearly $2,000 worth of furniture online from Walmart. Her mother, Madhu Kumar, had created a shopping cart on her phone but never checked it. When the furniture began to arrive this week, she asked her husband and two older children: Who ordered this?

“I need one or two, why would we need four?” Madhu said.

Some packages barely fit through the front door. Turns out it was little Ayaansh who bought accent chairs, planters and other household items his mother was looking for for their new home in Monmouth Junction. The packages kept arriving all week.

“He’s so small, he’s so cute, we laughed that he ordered all this,” his mother said.

Since his birth in April 2020, the youngest Kumar has watched his two older siblings and his parents work, go to school and shop online from home. And apparently he’s very careful.

Ayaansh also knows what he is doing. Using an NBC New York reporter’s phone, he was able to close the calendar app, email the reporter’s mother, and then search through contacts.

“In the future, we will implement hard access codes or facial recognition so that when he picks up the phone, he finds it in a locked state,” his father said.

Pramod and Madhu plan to wait for all the boxes to arrive and then take the items to their local Walmart to return, where they were told they would receive a ul refund.

But there are a few things parents can save to remind them of their toddler’s first online shopping spree.

Edwin S. Wolfe