Rezoning of the Aspen Grove shopping center: what will change

LITTLETON, CO – The Aspen Grove Mall is set to undergo big changes after Littleton City Council approved on Nov. 9 the centre’s rezoning proposal.

The rezoning will allow the Gerrity Group, which owns the center, to build up to 2,000 residential units and at least 125,000 square feet of retail space.

In a public hearing on October 5, many Littleton residents expressed concern over the traffic problems already plaguing the Aspen Grove area. The Gerrity Group says its plans – which have yet to be submitted – will include improving connections to the RTD light rail station and South Platte Park.

“There will be several opportunities for public feedback throughout the process, and we look forward to hear our neighbors and our customers“The Gerrity Group said in a statement posted on the Reimagine Aspen Grove website.

The owners said developing plans with the town and community members could take years.

The Gerrity Group plans to transform Aspen Grove into a “lifestyle hub” to keep shopping afloat as many turn to online retailing, the owners said. In-person shopping collapsed and left the center struggling.

The group said it aimed to offer new interactive spaces, improved connections to public transportation, and new access to parks and trails.

The Aspen Grove Shopping Center opened two decades ago and has been part of the Gerrity Group since 2016.

Edwin S. Wolfe