Rock Hill’s newest development is set to demolish a mall

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) – New beginnings are in store for a mall that spent years dilapidated and deserted.

The building sits on all three points of Rock Hill – the intersection of Albright Road, Heckle Boulevard and Saluda Street. Now a developer is planning to take it down and build a development that aims to help the black community.

This is part of the revitalization project for the south side of the city known as the Clinton Connection Action Plan. The building is meant to be the anchor for what is to come.

The building was once a shopping mall and grocery store. There are still remnants of businesses inside and on the doors. The building itself is collapsing. It’s looked like this for nearly 10 years since it closed in 2014.

But for the past few years, project developer Vincent James has been working on a plan. Rock Hill City Council voted Monday to approve the development agreement with James and get this project off the ground.

James worked with the planning commission to come up with a plan for the area and what the community needs most.

The renders include four different buildings. The two smaller ones are on Saluda Street. Plans indicate it would be approximately 3,200 square feet. There is one building, the largest, approximately 19,000 square feet which is on Albright Road. The last building will be on Heckle Boulevard and will vary in size depending on the levels.

Rock Hill economic and urban development director Jennifer McAdams says the project could include a grocery store, career and development center and other community infrastructure.

McAdams calls it a key part of the Clinton Connection plan. The hope is to revitalize this underserved area, which is not growing as fast as other areas of Rock Hill.

She says this place will serve as the first domino.

“Having an announcement on such a visible site, we really think sends a clear message to the community – the residents and the development community – that’s real,” McAdams says.

There’s no set date when it will start, but the developer has agreed to demolish the building within 90 days, so we could see some movement here very soon. Then, this demolition must be completed within 180 days of the start date.

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Edwin S. Wolfe