RV station and mall projects move forward

The Boulder City Planning Commission has recommended that plans for two city-owned parcels, one of which will be leased for an upscale RV complex and the other, which could be sold to build a grocery store, are forwarded to the municipal council as part of the land management process.

The recommendations were made at their June 15 meeting.

The land, which is in the southwest part of Boulder City, will be part of two commercial projects.

The first will be a 74-acre lease of land around Boulder Creek Golf Club and will be used to build an upscale resort at the intersection of Veterans Memorial Drive and Adams Boulevard. The complex will be divided into two sections; the largest section will be 52.8 acres located west of the golf course, while the second section will be 21.8 acres located southeast of the golf course.

The resort will be operated by Elite RV, which plans to build 293 lots that include a mix of RV parking spaces, cabin rentals, and some spaces with a combination of parking and RV cabins.

The resort is expected to have a clubhouse, business center and wellness center that all guests can use during their stay.

The second site is a 16.3-acre parcel of land at the corner of Veterans Memorial Drive and Boulder City Parkway, adjacent to Gingerwood Mobile Park. It would be used to build a shopping center, the main focal point of which would be a grocery store.

“For years, the citizens of Boulder City have been asking for a second grocery store in the community,” said Michael Mays, Director of Community Development. “…the challenge was trying to find a location.”

Mays went on to say that the city reviewed city-owned land as a potential location for a new grocery store and that intersection was identified as the best available option.

Although Mays cited this as the best option available due to its location where most visitors would have to drive through, creating lots of traffic and potential customers, many Gingerwood residents were unhappy with the potential to have a mall built. next to their community.

One resident, Sandra Tearberry, went so far as to say she would consider leaving Boulder City if the mall was approved.

“I moved here 11 years ago,” Tearberry said. “I used to come here to visit a lot because I really liked Boulder City. I don’t want this store built next to Gingerwood, or any retail store with it. If you build this next to Gingerwood, I’ll move away and never come back to this town again, and I mean it.

Another Gingerwood resident, Jim Phipps, had an environmental view for not wanting the mall to be built on the land next to the mobile home park.

“It’s 16 acres that are pristine,” Phipps said. “It’s the desert, it’s natural. If we develop that, then who knows what’s going to happen in there. I don’t think we need more facilities, use the facilities we have.

Commissioner Matt Di Teresa said this was just one step on a long road to finalizing and building either of these plans – the RV Park or the Center commercial.

The commissioners ultimately voted 5 to 2 in favor of adding the two parcels to the land management process. Commissioners Nate Lasoff, who was very adamant about his decision, and Thomas Marvin voted against advancing the land for the mall.

The next step will be to submit the land areas to the City Council, who will decide whether or not to move forward to have the RV park and shopping center sites approved and added to the property management process. lands.

Edwin S. Wolfe