SociaLink launches website to share data from social agencies

SociaLink launched a new website this week that provides community groups with factual information about the communities they serve and the social issues they face.

SociaLink is the umbrella organization for social agencies in the Western Bay of Plenty. The new website,, will provide community organizations in the Western Bay of Plenty with up-to-date analysis and data based on external national and regional social datasets.

“We provide a local data repository and data support center that encourages the growth of industry-wide information to better inform planning, policies and best practices in community and social organizations around the Western Bay of Plenty,” says Liz Flaherty, Head of Community Insights.

“Community Insights by SocialLink, established in 2020, helps Western Bay of Plenty’s social sector build confidence, skills and confidence in using data to inform and improve the work we all do,” said she declared.

“Our new website brings together information about the services and support offered by Community Insights, as well as data resources relevant to the community and social sector.

“The community sector is rich in information about what is happening to individuals and families on the ground in our communities. Harnessing this data will help us gain insights that allow us to provide stronger, more integrated and targeted services to those who need them.

“In social services, we have always focused more on people than on numbers. Community Insights works side-by-side with community groups to build skills and confidence in using numbers, so we can work smarter with the people who walk through our doors.

“We will be adding more resources to the website on a regular basis – soon to be live our social data dashboards which are currently in the testing phase.”

Groups can continue to log in to see how the site is progressing in making data resources and information more accessible to nonprofit groups and communities.

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Edwin S. Wolfe