Starkville mall set to open in September

Starkville, Miss. (WCBI) – Get ready to shop till you drop.

A new mall is under construction on Highway 12 in Starkville.

If you’ve driven through Starkville, you’ve probably noticed the construction on Highway 12.

“It’s called crossing the triangle and we call it power centers and there will be tenants such as marshals, Ulta, 5 below, rack room shoes, intelligent animals and Aldi,” Castleberry said.

Mark Castleberry of Castle Properties is excited to bring these retailers to Starkville.

And there will even be a new place to eat.

“We have a restaurant, but we can’t talk about it yet and we’re very excited about it,” Castleberry said.

Castleberry says its goal is to encourage Starkville residents to spend their money in town, and even to welcome people from neighboring towns.

“In several areas, I think it will prevent many people in Starkville from going to other areas and going to other markets to do retail. and what we see in retail versus amazon and online ordering if you have it close enough and you have good inventory and good experience, people prefer to shop in a store,” said Castleberry.

And it is in a privileged place.

“This area with of course Walmart and Kroger and lowes on one side and the university on the other side and we have a traffic light. it’s become a great place,” Castleberry said.

The residents of Starkville share Castleberry’s enthusiasm.

“I think it’s a great idea and I think it will attract more students and it will be a good thing for all the people who already live here,” said Eric Paige.

“I’m glad we no longer have to drive to Tuscaloosa or Columbus to shop because we still take trips there,” Alex Williams said.

And some people already know the first place they plan to spend their money.

“I would say the Ulta because whenever I run out of makeup I have to order it from Amazon, so it’s going to be really convenient and I can just go to the store and get it,” Victoria Klauser said.

Marshals, Ulta, 5 Below, Rack Room Shoes and Pet Smart Plan will open in September

Aldi is expected to open in October.

Edwin S. Wolfe