Tesco app issues: shopping website hacked

Tesco’s website and app went down due to an alleged hack.

The outage, which prevented customers from shopping or tracking orders, began Saturday morning and continued through Sunday.

The supermarket giant said the issue was caused by an attempt to “interfere” with its systems, but there is “no reason” to believe customer data was affected.

A Tesco spokesperson said on Sunday: “Since yesterday we have experienced disruption to our website and online grocery app.

“An attempt was made to interfere with our systems. which caused problems with the search function on the site.

“We are working hard to fully restore all services and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

“There is no reason to believe this issue is impacting customer data and we continue to take ongoing steps to ensure all data remains secure. ”

Tesco posted a tweet on Saturday that told customers, “We’re having a problem with our website and app and we’re working hard to get things going again. We apologize for any problem. ”

On Sunday noon, online shoppers received a message saying, “Sorry, there is currently a problem with our website.

“We’re busy fixing it right now and hope it doesn’t cause you too much inconvenience. Please come back and try again later.

“Thank you for your patience.”

Edwin S. Wolfe