Tezos-powered LYZI app will enable Beaugrenelle mall with 110 stores to accept crypto including XTZ and EURL

LYZI & Zebitex

LYZI is a wallet, payment network, and loyalty program app that facilitates cryptocurrency transactions. The LYZI application: “…will soon be listed and exchangeable and convertible with any other currency (Lugh, Tezos, Algorand, Euros, Dollars). In other words, you can redeem your loyalty points for cash.

As shown on the LYZI app website the app will soon be available for use with Lugh (EURL) and Tezos (XTZ).

The app allows people to buy and sell cryptocurrency, use crypto as payment in stores through integrated point-of-sale systems (Global POS), earn loyalty points and receive cash back.

The cashback can then be turned into real money or cryptocurrencies such as Tezos.

Zebitex is a French and European regulated exchange that is registered as a PSAN and facilitates the trading of more than 20 cryptocurrencies.

Soon XTZ will be added to the exchange and users will also be able to delegate their XTZ directly on the exchange.

“LYZI Wallet & ZEBITEX Exchange are create a common token to engage their communities around financial services, payment, loyalty and an inclusive lifestyle app with blockchain services.”

The LYZI app relies on provider Zebitex, which obtained PSAN registration last year, for both the digital asset custody service and the digital asset trading platform.

The EAZY token, which is an FA 2 token, is part of the overall ecosystem. powered by the Tezos blockchain and Smart chain SSII.

The EAZY token will encourage usage of the app and will be used for rewards.

Global POS are another important part of the setup and to bring there: …“Easy2play” solution a global acceptance and payment network of 27,000 points of sale. They will deploy LYZI & $EAZY token in their acceptance network”.

There are also other major partners such as the Lugh consortium, which includes Casino Groupe with 11,000 stores, and the French real estate agency network company Arthurimmo.com, which has set up 450 agencies.

Edwin S. Wolfe