The Amazon website and app are down as some shoppers can’t pay online and hundreds can’t use their Alexa devices

HUNDREDS of Amazon users reported problems accessing the shopping giant’s services this morning.

A major outage means Alexa is down and some shoppers can’t pay online.


Amazon’s website and app block buyers from accessing their ordersCredit: AP

Users started reporting issues on Downdetector from 8am this morning.

Over 400 users have reported issues on the site.

Some shoppers are struggling to access the online marketplace, while nearly 50% of reported issues also stem from the shopping giant’s app.

But another fifth of shoppers can’t even complete their orders at checkout, according to Downdetector.

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The main website appears to be up and running and buyers shouldn’t have too much trouble completing their orders now.

But many households that have Amazon devices plugged in have reported issues with Alexa and more, and the issues persist.

On Twitter, users complained that the virtual assistant wasn’t working when they woke up this morning, and others with Ring Doorbells installed experienced similar issues.

One said, “All my Alexa devices are not working this morning. My internet is fine, the issue is only with Amazon devices.”

Another said: “Anyone else from Amazon not working? Can’t get my Prime or Firestick to work at all.”

A third said: “I have five Amazon devices in the house on two different Wifi systems, all offline.”

And another said: ‘Amazon everything has been down since 7am my house has stopped working.’

So far, Amazon’s social team on Twitter has advised users to try its “troubleshooting steps” to get their devices working again.

Amazon customers aren’t the only ones who have been frustrated lately as major services are down.

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Talktalk’s messaging service was hit by a mysterious outage affecting customers’ ability to check messages ten days ago.

And American Express customers experienced chaos when they were unable to make card payments after a major outage earlier this month.

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