The coolest little mall in Tri Cities

Have you ever visited the Downtown mall in Richland, Washington? We think it could be considered the coolest little mall in the Tri Cities! It is full of many great stores that are worth visiting again and again.

You will find an assortment of shopping, to eat, and entertainment opportunities at the Uptown Mall. There is even a church on Sundays. One of the retailers in the Uptown mall has a live cat that likes to go to sleep outside the window (we’re guessing to keep potential mice away).

Cat sleeping in the window of the Uptown mall in Richland, WA

Reesha Cosby

I recently went to a comedy show at the Uptown Theater located at the Uptown Mall. While there to kill for some time before the show started, I wandered around the square and had dinner at the Emerald of Siam Thai restaurant and lounge. This was one of the most delicious and spicy shrimp pad Thai I have had in the Pacific Northwest. I walked in and waited at the bar for my order and they had a lady playing the harp there. She was hitting the punches on this thing!

I saw an old piano out of tune on the sidewalk and it made a wonderful photo for my Instagram page.

Piano at the Uptown Mall in Richland, WA

Reesha Cosby on Instagram

After we got out of the comedy show, I got out and heard a lot of commotion. There’s a place where people can get a little rowdy and dance the night away at the Uptown Mall.

“Uptown Shopping Center is a historic shopping center that has been providing local commerce to the Richland Washington community for over 65 years!” – Uptown Shopping Center via Facebook

Take a tour for yourself. The Uptown Mall is located at 1317 George Washington Way in Richland.

Behind the scenes at the Uptown Mall in Richland, WA

Dive Bar & B behind Bill’s Place Bar in Yakima

Edwin S. Wolfe