The Go-To launches a website dedicated to luxury and unique gifts

When it comes to gifts, let’s be honest: it’s definitely do not only the thought counts.

First of all, there is the politics to take into account (merit, gifts received, gifts passed…), the logistics to manage (budget, calendar, etc.) and the very important personal touch too (this should be something thoughtful, meaningful and unique).

Then, of course, the gargantuan task itself of finding the perfect gift, which sees endless hours wasted aimlessly scrolling through websites, browsing stressful stores and racking your brains for ideas – and still run out (or end up with socks).

The pressure of it all is enough to suck the fun out of what is meant to be a joyful occasion. So SHEThe latest discovery from , the new The Go-To Gift website, is no game changer, especially with wedding season fast approaching.

Courtesy of the brand

Founded by Victoire Tardy-Joubert (ex-MatchesFashion), The Go-To is filled to the brim with epic gift ideas that have been curated by expert shoppers, and are all available to shop in one place.

“I truly believe that the gift is as much an expression of yourself as it is of the person receiving it,” says Tardy-Joubert. “There’s so much satisfaction to be found in choosing the perfect gift – I hope The Go-To brings more joy to that process.”

the perfect gift

Courtesy of the brand

No generic gifts here: think handmade ceramics from up-and-coming artisans, personalized stationery from fashion insider favorite The Memo Press, bespoke jewelry, tongue-in-cheek homewares, monogrammed baby cashmere and all. the rest, thanks to the coolest new brands you won’t find anywhere.

In other words, gifts that people will actually love – and you take full credit for them. The gift editions by occasion and personality type are particularly useful (“Cigar Connoisseur” is a treasure trove of Father’s Day gems), while the “Just Because” section contains a dangerously tempting range of coveted gifts. Well it can’t be all on others, can he?


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Edwin S. Wolfe