The Parent Hub Donegal website offers a directory of services and support

A newly designed and updated Parent Hub Donegal website is up and running.

This ‘One Stop Shop’ website is a directory of services and support for parents and families and has been developed following extensive consultation with Donegal parents and all relevant agencies working with young people, parents and families in County Donegal.

This was one of many highlights at the Donegal Children and Young People’s Services Committee (CYPSC) Achievement Event held at the An Grianan Hotel.

The event also coincided with the launch of the Children and Youth Plan 2021-2023.

Chloe McGinty, Donegal Parent & Family Support Service and Mary Walker Callaghan Lifestart Services introduced the 115 attendees to the new Parent Hub Donegal website,

This event brought together a host of CYPSC partner agencies to celebrate their successful inter-agency cooperation and collaboration over the past three very challenging years.

Bernard Gloster, CEO of Tusla Child and Family Agency, said the Children and Young People’s Plan “is already in action and making a significant difference for so many children and young people in Donegal. The collective effort of all organizations means that Donegal is collectively focused on its children, their families and their communities. This is the most important investment we can make in the future. »

Morning session speakers at the Child and Young People’s Service Committee (CYPSC) Donegal Celebrating Achievement Event at An Grianan Hotel, Burt. Seated left to right are Anne McGowan, CEO ETB, Bernard Gloster, CEO Tusla Child & Family Agency, Gerry Hone, CYPSC Chair 2018 – 2021, Acting Director of Tusla Child & Family Agency Services and Anee Timoney Meehan, CYPSC Coordinator. Back left, Chloe Mc Ginty, Donegal Parent & Family Support Service, Mary Walker Callaghan Lifestart Services, Trish McLaughlin, Donegal County Childcare Committee presenting the Parents Own Plan (POP App) and Dr Marie Hainsworth, Manager Donegal Domestic Violence Service. Photo Clive Wasson

Gerry Hone, CYPSC 2018 – 2021 Chairman, Acting Director of Tusla Child and Family Agency Services, said the focus on involving children and parents in the plan, regardless of

context, means that young people, their carers and young adults actually shape the services provided to be more meaningful and relevant to their daily lives.

Dr Marie Hainsworth, Head of Donegal Domestic Abuse Services, has launched the ‘Donegal Domestic Abuse Resource Pack’, developed by the CYPSC Safe and Secure Sub-Committee.

This resource provides frontline staff in all agencies with the understanding and resources they need to better support clients who are victims of or traumatized by family violence.

Photo: Some of the public invited to the event

Trish McLaughlin from the County Donegal Child Care Board presented the Parents Own Plan app and reviewed the features of the multilingual diary app. Appointments are organized by child or dependent, ensuring that the parent or guardian is never duplicated, reminders can be scheduled and a verbal reminder is also

available. The POP app also links the user to the services directory of the Parent Hub Donegal website.

Martin Gallen, Senior Donegal ETB Educational Psychologist and Lynn Bovaird, Tusla Education Welfare Officer, launched the ‘Promoting Positive School Attendance in Donegal’ brochure.

Wendy McCarry, CEO of the Bluestack Special Needs Foundation, described the range of services and supports provided under the Bluestack model of alternative care for children with disabilities or with additional needs.

Staff members Emer McMullan and Lenka Valkova presented the “Brain Food for Good Mood” project. This community resilience project has been developed and rolled out across five centers in Donegal in response to the increased needs of young people due to Covid restrictions.

Contact [email protected] for details or visit Donegal.

All resources launched are available from the Donegal CYPSC office

Edwin S. Wolfe