Tyrann Mathieu jersey sales literally broke the NFL website

It’s safe to say that New Orleans Saints fans are eager to welcome Tyrann Mathieu to the team. After Mathieu agreed to a three-year contract to join his hometown team, he was immediately met with an incredible reception from Saints fans. They went out of their way to welcome Mathieu to his hometown, and it seems like everyone is chomping at the bit to get their hands on his jersey. In fact, Saints fans bought so many pre-orders of Mathieu’s Saints jersey that he literally broke the NFL store’s website, by Nick Underhill.

Saints fans must have clicked that link in their thousands if they managed to take down the NFL Shop website. Those who weren’t able to place their order will have to keep trying when the site’s servers are able to handle the massive influx of traffic that likely caused their crash.

Mathieu caught wind of the antics of Saints fans while trying to buy his jersey and he loved every bit of it, laughing about the situation on social media. Clearly, Honey Badger is thrilled to be home and the city can’t wait to have him on the team.

Mathieu signed a three-year contract with the Saints that will pay him $33 million over the life of the contract. The 29-year-old safety is coming off his third Pro Bowl, having recorded 76 tackles, 3 interceptions and 6 pass defenses for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2021.

After the Saints saw Marcus Williams leave town and sign with the Baltimore Ravens, striking a deal with Mathieu will ensure they don’t lose a step in high school.

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Edwin S. Wolfe