Website ranks Springfield as 4th best barbecue town in the nation

Springfield BBQ is officially on the map.

LawnStarter, a national lawn care website, ranked Springfield No. 4 on its list of the top 200 “Barbecue Towns in America” ​​last week.

Springfield only tracks St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago at the top of the list, which the website says is based on 18 criteria, including “award-winning barbecue restaurants, experience in hosting a competition” higher level “, several barbecue festivals, and high ratings.”

Springfield has many long-established barbecue restaurants, like Crosstown Barbecue and Buckingham, in addition to new favorites that have opened in recent years like City Butcher, Gettin’ Basted, and Missouri Mike’s.

Last year, Gettin’ Basted won the Grand Champion award at the annual Jack Daniel’s World Championship in Tennessee, adding to previous awards as the Reserve Grand Champion at the American Royal in 2019, the team of the 2018 and 2020 year of the Kansas City Barbecue Society. .

After:Gettin’ Basted BBQ Team Wins Big at Jack Daniel’s World Championship in Tennessee

According to LawnStarter, Springfield is among the best in the country for hosting barbecue competitions.

Mike Hickman, owner of Missouri Mike’s, said there are several good barbecue restaurants in the city, requiring businesses to improve their quality to attract customers.

“I think what really drove the Springfield market is that there’s so much good competition, there are a lot of great stores in the area,” Hickman said. “I think everyone is pushing hard because it’s such a saturated market and it’s really pushed and set the bar a lot higher than what we had five or ten years ago.”

Missouri Mike’s recently opened a second location in Springfield near Battlefield Road and Glenstone Avenue. The restaurant is known for its grilled meats and award-winning chicken wings. The original location is on the West Chestnut Highway.

Hickman told the News-Leader that the two biggest keys to a successful barbecue restaurant are service and food. Hickman said if you can deliver a quality product and have the service to back it up, restaurants can stick around for a long time.

Hickman said he liked that Springfield came in 4th on LawnStarter’s list, but said that means we still have three spots ahead of us.

Ralph Green is a business reporter at the Springfield News-Leader. Contact him at [email protected], by phone: (417-536-4061) or on Twitter at RalphGreenNL

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