WEBSITE: Trade Counselor Mendoza’s Sister and Son Arrested for Illegal Distribution of Prescription Drugs

By Brian Hews

Clearly, immoral behavior is common in Commerce Councilman Leonard Mendoza’s family.

In recent weeks, Hews Media Group-Community News reported on Councilman Mendoza, including documents showing that Mendoza was fired from his job at Commerce City for systematic harassment, intimidation, fighting and ignoring safety policies that resulted in serious injury to its employees.

Mendoza’s behavior was so despicable that the city was forced to hire outside attorney Sally Woolley; after investigating and interviewing Mendoza, Woolley recommended the fire of the city of Mendoza.

“His testimony was not credible, [we found] Mendoza breaks the rules all the time,” attorney Susan Wolley wrote.

Wolley’s report said several of the witnesses involved in the investigation expressed concern over retaliation from Mendoza.

It was the last straw; in mid-2014, the city fired Mendoza with its boss describing his “abusive and intimidating behavior, lack of judgment and dishonesty”. The boss wrote in the dismissal letter, “you [Mendoza] been demoted twice, we cut your salary twice and you still haven’t changed your behavior; we have to fire you.

Now, HMG-CN has obtained a document that shows Mendoza’s sister, Sylvia Mendoza, and her son, Joel Paez, were arrested at their Commerce home and taken to the East LA Sheriff’s Department Jail in 2018.


According to the website, in the early morning of May 1, 2018, several neighbors saw law enforcement vehicles converge on a home in the 2200 block of Couts Ave. to Commerce; neighbors later identified the house as the home of Mendoza’s sister, Sylvia Mendoza.

The raid happened while Bandini Elementary School was in session across the street.

A review of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s website shows an arrest for a 44-year-old “Sylvia Mendoza” and her 24-year-old son Joel Paez.

According to, Ms. Mendoza and Mr. Paez received search warrants and were arrested for allegedly selling illegal prescription drugs at local swap meets.

After HMG-CN started asking questions, a photo was emailed showing Sylvia Mendoza selling drugs at a public shopping event.

Emails to Councilman Mendoza went unanswered. page with story

Edwin S. Wolfe