What goes where in the new mall

Before the end of the year, there will be many more places to spend your money.

The Ceres Gateway Center is rapidly taking shape with four framed and wrapped buildings and more underground work for other new ventures.

Site work began in December on the 13.65-acre Gateway Center which will bring In-N-Out Burger, Chipotle, Ono Hawaiian BBQ, a Quick Quack Car Wash and a third Starbucks to Ceres. Phase 2 of the center is expected to bring three junior anchors and a motel to the triangle-shaped center east of Highway 99.

Quick Quick Car Wash received unanimous approval in March to build in the most northwest corner of the triangle-shaped mall and closest to the Service Road overpass.

To help readers understand which companies are entering buildings that are up, we sent a drone in to get an aerial view.

The top left building will be the Chipotle, a first for Ceres.

A little east and immediately south of the Service Road access to the Walmart Supercenter will be an Ono Hawaiian BBQ restaurant. It will replace what was originally intended to be a Panda Express restaurant. It will be 2,192 square feet and will include drive-thru.

An In-N-Out Burger will be built on the very corner of the intersection. A large sign announces that the company is looking to hire employees for the store starting at $17 per hour and allowing them to earn up to $20.50 per hour. Nominations are taken at In-N-Out.com/grandopenings

Finally, the building adjacent to the future Mitchell Road driveway entering and exiting the center is a Starbucks – the third for Ceres.

The list of tenants has changed slightly since the approval of the center. A Circle K at the southern tip of the project was abandoned in favor of a Union 76 gas station.

An undisclosed hotel chain is looking to build a four-story, 64,000-square-foot, 80-room hotel. It would be located on new 2.14-acre commercial land created by a parcel division approached this month by the Ceres Planning Commission. The hotel is tentatively scheduled to back up on Highway 99. No specific hotel has been named.

In May, Ceres City Council voted to increase the maximum allowable building height from 35 feet to 50 feet to accommodate a four-story hotel in the regional commercial area.

A parcel of 4.61 acres has been reserved for three junior principal tenants.

At the first public hearing held Monday evening, the commission approved a draft parcel map to subdivide parcel 7 of the project into two lots zoned commercial. The 1.8 acre parcel at the southern tip of the center will be subdivided into two separate commercial lots to facilitate the development of two future businesses instead of one. The developer suggested that one use could be a restaurant with drive-thru, while the second could house a Union 76 gas station with a convenience store and additional rental space with drive-thru.

In 2008, the city approved the Gateway project as proposed by Ralph Ogden. The project stalled after the economy skidded that year. Several extensions were granted but project approval expired in 2012. The center was redesigned and brought back in 2020 by Ralph’s son, Daniel Ogden.

Edwin S. Wolfe