Why doesn’t Apple honor the contracts between the consumer and its website? !

I ordered a phone online on November 6th and was offered $ 790.00 to trade in my existing phone (swap iPhone 12 ProMax for 13 ProMax) – Please be aware that my phone is less than a year old and the battery drains so quickly. I have troubleshooted and no help from Apple Support.

This phone has been out of stock for 3-4 weeks and Apple sent me a shipping email earlier this week to let me know it would be shipping soon. Except they had my items delivered to my old address in a different state, not the Apple Store as I requested on the original purchase. This also happened with an iPad which I ordered around the same time.

After several calls to Apple, Apple’s local sales team, and chat support – Apple kept promising that it would be submitted for rerouting (and if the item isn’t shipped properly, the chat support told me in writing that my trade-in value would be honored.)

Long after several false promises, Apple created a label, then shipped my trade-in kits, iPhone, and iPad to the wrong place – and billed me anyway.

The resolutions that were proposed to me (I received several that I declined):

-Go to the store and get a phone in a different color than the one I ordered and receive $ 115.00 in merchandise (a silicone case, an Apple charger I already have and a screen protector) – then trade in my phone for $ 140 less than agreed on Nov 6.

– On the phone, after fighting tooth and nail, the solution was to revamp the phone and set up a new exchange for $ 700 online. This is a waiver of a deal I PAID and made in writing on November 6th!

Why should I, as a consumer, be penalized $ 90 to $ 140 because of a shipping issue that Apple never resolved? !

On top of that, after submitting my request on Monday 11/29 to have my iPad shipped in good condition, I was told it takes 48 hours to turn around.

Well Thursday (over 72 hours) Apple did the same and SENT MY iPAD TO THE WRONG LOCATION!

These items are business purchases and neither Apple nor UPS would reroute my packages for me and now tell me I cannot be refunded until my items are returned to the warehouse. But an Apple supervisor said there is no guarantee that my items will return to the warehouse (and in turn, my refund would not come) –

Why isn’t Apple honoring the written agreement I PAYED in early November via the online store! ? I was literally billed over $ 1,700 for commercial merchandise that is stuck in limbo and contracted between the consumer and Apple!

I am now without the work items I needed for my upcoming work trip and am more than upset. I submitted a report to the BBB and the FTC because this whole situation is not correct.

I paid and agreed to receive a phone to exchange mine for $ 790.00.

Apple should be ashamed of the way they treat long term customers and have lost a longtime loyal customer and business owner because of it. I’m so disgusted and disappointed with the way I’ve been treated as a consumer and can’t believe Apple is allowed to get away with this stuff.

Is this common in these threads? Am I out of place to be pissed off?

Edwin S. Wolfe